Orosei: the mountain that slowly slopes down to the sea

Orosei is located at the foothills of a hill of volcanic origins, in the valley of the Cedrino river. From the center of town you can easily reach the sea, the coves and the Orosei Marina.

Those who love Sardinia will have more than 10 km of beaches to discover: from Osalla beach to Bidderosa, one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Sardinia.

The town has a well preserved historical center, where you will find many churches, among which the Church of S. Antonio Abate and the Church of S. Giacomo Maggiore.

The town of Orosei, the beaches and the nearby mountain make this destination perfect for those who love an active vacation: diving, snorkeling, trekking, hiking, free climbing, surfing and wind surfing are among the activities that you can practice during your vacation in Orosei.

Su Gorroppu

About 36 km from Orosei you can explore Mt. Supramonte, one of Sardinia’s natural wonders.